Vintage Bar Trailers

Vintage trailers are all the rage. Whether you are serving champagne, wine, whiskey, or desserts, Sisterhood Vintage has a vintage bar trailer for you. We also have bartenders available for service with our trailers. We are available for special events in Denver, Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Relax and be a guest at your own party with a full service vintage bar trailer.

From intimate themed parties for a few, to large events for a few hundred, our professional, TIPS certified, liquor liability insured bartenders will ensure your guests are served safely and to the highest standard of service.  We can help you with alcohol ordering, specialty drink planning, and all of the service items needed for your bar trailer experience.  Our cupcake and dessert bars will add a fun, unique twist to your event. Our vintage 1954 pick up truck (Pearl) along with our vintage bar trailers allow for great photos as well.

Your bartender will arrive at your party sharply dressed in black and with a sense of flair that will put your party over the top. Enjoy being a guest at your own party and leave the work to us.

Wedding Bar Tips

1. Choose a venue that lets you bring your own alcohol or will allow us to serve theirs from our trailer

2. Make sure your wedding bartenders are liquor liability insured and TIPS certified (all of ours are)

3. Wine and beer vs. full bar- If you can't afford to offer a full bar, try to come up with one or two special  drinks to accompany your wine and beer. You will still make the cocktail drinkers happy but you will only have to purchase one or two kinds of liquors, saving you money.


Pearl: Our 1954 Chevy pick up is the perfect addition to our bar trailers. We can unhitch her so that you can use  her separately for photos or use her tailgate as an addition to your bar trailer or as a non-alcoholic beverage bar.


Lola : This tall two horse bar trailer is pearly white with beautiful wood accents


Duke : Our masculine two horse bar trailer is a favorite for a beer or whiskey bar.


Bartending Services

Our TIPS certified bartenders are trained to serve your guests responsibly. We recommend two bartenders for most events. All alcohol must be provided by venue or host. Bartenders are only available with trailer rental.

$25 per bartender per hour.


Adding a self serve non-alcoholic beverage station to any of our bartender packages is a creative option that your guests will love.  Select any three from our beverage options.

  • Sweet Iced Tea

  • Unsweetened Iced Tea

  • Lemonade

  • Iced Water

  • Citrus Infused Ice Water

  • Cucumber Water

Your beverage station will come complete with 3 infusion jars, cups, all ingredients, and table to serve from. Your bartender will set up your station and replenish throughout your event. Price is based on number of guests

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